In order to ensure a positive aircraft ownership experience, it is critical for owners, corporations to appoint a management company who fully understands this highly regulated industry and complex operational environment with the most meticulous attention to detail. BAS Guernsey assists the purchaser initially in connection with matters leading to and associated with aircraft purchase, SPV company or trust structure creation, aircraft asset registration, certification, inspection and delivery. We also take care of all crew hiring, training, uniforms, tools to carry out their duties and accommodation arrangements. With the experience of leasing our own fleet of charter available aircraft from various manufacturers over the years within the enlarged Group, we apply the same continuous cost conscious and safety discipline to managing your aircraft under 2-REG.

BAS Guernsey together with its sister Companies Hongkong Jet, Asia Jet, UAS and Deer Jet offer one the most comprehensive suite of services for aircraft owners and financial institutions.

Aircraft operating certificates we current have under the group as well are as follows:

Bailiwick of Guernsey ICAO AOC 2-REG.

We are ready to welcome you to Guernsey and serve you, whatever aircraft type you select.